Who is Susan Hart You Ask??

I was an actress/singer in my youth, studied at various institutions across Canada and performed both on stage and TV/Film. I became a talent agent and opened my first theatre acting school for kids & teens. I moved in to producing film and was involved in the making and distribution of two Canadian features. I then ventured into casting film and television productions, working on many well received shows both for kid and adult audiences'. This decade long commitment gave me the opportunity to move into the world of animation and begin my voice directing career. I have been active for the last 23 years in the industry as voice director, casting director, session producer, voice coach and instructor. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the nicest and the most talented people in the industry.

What Can Susan Hart Do for You??

I am your Toronto (Canada) contact for all your voice recording needs, animation, gaming, narration, trailers.
- Union or Non-union
- Any budget
- Large or Small Cast
- Productions of all kinds

Why Use Susan Hart??

Group photo

Photo: Amanda Smith, Martin Short, Susan Hart, Julie Stall, Jeff Wright


I love my work. I have tons of experience. I have had the pleasure of being in the company with great animators, producers and talent.

Many of my shows have been #1 in Canada
US and abroad.


2021 Winner Japan Animation Awards
BEST EDUCATIONAL 'Hero Elementary'

EMMY Nomination 2020 CSA AWARDS 'Shuyan' Best Game

EMMY Nomination 2020

EMMY Nomination 2019

EMMY Nomination 2016

2019 Winner CSA AWARDS 'Cat in the Hat' Best Voice -series

2018 Winner CSA AWARDS 'Cat in the Hat' Best Voice & Series

2018 Winner PRIX JEUNESSE 'Cana-do-dah-day' Special

2016 Winner Day Time EMMY 'Peg+ Cat' Music & Story - series

2015 Winner - Kids Screen 'Stella & Sam' - holiday special

2015 Winner - Kids Screen ‘Fangbone’ - Best kid's series

2015 Winner - Day Time Emmy - 'Peg + Cat' - series

2015 Nominees - Canadian Screen Awards ‘Fangbone’-pilot, ‘Stella & Sam’ - Holiday Special, ‘Peg + Cat’ - series

2014 Nominee - Day Time Emmy - 'Stella & Sam' - series

2013 Winner - Juno Award - 'Stella & Sam'

2013 Winner Parents Choice - 'Stella & Sam'

2013 & 2011 Winner - Banff Media, Rockie Award- 'Stella & Sam' - series

2011 3 ACTRA Award Nominees Best Voice
‘Stella and Sam’ - series

2011 Nominee - Daytime Emmy Best Voice
MARTIN SHORT - ‘The Cat in the Hat’ - series

Resident Evil 2 - rated ‘Best Game of 1999’

link to: "Stella & Sam" – winner of PIXEL AWARD 2011
link to: "The 99' " - Barrack Obama praises production
link to: "The 99'"

Stella and Sam staff

Photo: GEMINI's 2011 " Stella & Sam " TWO best voice performance
nominations, Miles Johnson and Rachel Marcus.

Mickey Rooney
Photo: Mickey Rooney
Andrea Martin group photo
Photo: Julie Stall, Tara Mcdonald,
Andrea Martin, Jeff Wright,
Amanda Smith, Susan Hart
2 boys wearing cat in the hat hats
Photo: Cat in the Hat fans


Where has Susan Hart Worked her Magic??

Cat in the Hat   The 99   Stella & Sam





'CLARA'-radio play






'BIG BLUE'-series




'HERO ELEMENTARY'-series, shorts & specials

'WHERE OLIVER FITS'-special & shorts


'TINY ISLAND'- pilot

'MARCO POLO'-series


'Ollie-The Boy Who Became Everything He Ate'-series

'Kody Kapow!'-series

'The Wide World of Wandering Wenda'-series

'RV There Yet?'-pilot

'Platy & Pus'-pilot

'Ice Cream & Maggot'-pilot

'Clumsy & Shy'-pilot

'Peg & Cat'-series

'Goodbye Kuwai'-pilot


'Fireman Sam'-series


'Itty Bitty Heartbeats' - pilot

'The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That'-series, specials, shorts & games

'Wishenpoof' - pilot

'Bagel & Becky'-series

'Fisher Price 'Little People''-web & games

'Doki' - series

'Play Date' - pilot

'Ella The Elephant'-casting & 6 episodes

'Dr. Dimensonpants'-casting

'The 99'-series

'Stella & Sam'-series & specials


'Miser Brothers Christmas - Holiday Special'

'World of Quest'-series

'Carl Squared'-series


'Chinatown Cops'-pilot

'Life's A Zoo'-pilot

'G2G'-6 episodes

'Ripping Friends'-series

'Four Blades'-pilot

'Turtle Island'-series

'Brats of the Lost Nebula'-series

'Friends & Heroes'-casting

'Silver Surfer'-casting




Resident Evil 2   RESIDENT EVIL 2
  • 'Shuyan'
  • 'Alta' (casting consultant)
  • 'Frefire' (trailer)
  • 'Resident Evil #1, 2, Zero'
  • 'Devil May Cry'
  • 'Mega Man'
  • 'Ominmusha'
  • 'Tron'
  • 'Spawn'
  • 'Dino Crisis'
  • 'Xmen vs Marvel'
  • 'Streetfighters vs Capcom'
  • 'Heavy Metal'
  • 'Beast Wars'

    Detailed CV available Upon Request



    When Can You Hire Susan Hart??
    Any time! Any where! ANY WEATHER!!
    Get in touch and lets chat about your project.














    It is not enough to do your best;
    you must know WHAT to do, and
    then do your best"
       ~ W. Edwards Deming

    I offer in person & ZOOM workshops for KIDS, TEENS and ADULT Intro and Intensive.

    I cover all details of animation voice: self tapes, performance, the business, script marking and my 'foundation method'.

    Contact Janice Hawke for
    further details, dates and costs.

    janice@demomaniacs.ca | www.demomaniacs.com

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